Photo gallery








Our first Bullterrier Ares von Asgard



























































Viviane La Faye vom Kaiserstuhl
















Ohhhhh, that does weeeeeell...


... it's mine !

I believe a Pit-Bull smooches me !








Faye in the garden
Good Fellas Chiara










Such a comfortable afternoon in the garden is a fine matter!





Pups - "property rules"


Anabell Mc. Masters, By-name Scarlett and cat Sadie






Such an agility-training does fun, there you always get a lot of snacks !




Querido Rhett vom Kaiserstuhl






Sherman Aisborne Bodger

Now I will help my master, to build
the house








Kiss me, I'm not a frog
Who pinched the snack ?
Hopefully this lesson has soon an end !
At last, managed !!! GBF - VÜ
& VDH - Dog guide license passed !
After the job, the relaxation, ...
...and the enjoyment !
...the playing...
The 10 requests of a dog to his master !
  1. My life lasts 10 - 15 years. Every separation from you means suffering for me. If you want to acquire me, consider that before !
  2. Give sufficiently time to me, to understand what you demand from me
  3. Trust me, I live on that !
  4. Never be angry with me for a long while and do not lock me up for punishment ! You have your job, your pleasure, your friends -
    I have only you !
  5. Speak often with me ! If I do not completely understand your words, so nevertheless the voice that turns to me !
  6. Be aware, as always acts to me, I will never forget it !
  7. Consider before you hit me, that the strength of my jaw could crush your hand easily ! However I will never use it in this way.
  8. Before you call me unwillingly, obstinately or lazy during the job, please consider: - perhaps unsuitable feed troubles me, perhaps I
    was too long roasted by the sun, or maybe I have an exhausted heart !
  9. Love and provide me, if I am sick and old, once you will also be old an frail !
  10. Go every difficult walk with me ! Never say: "I cannot see something like that" or "it must occur in my absence" Together with you, everything is easier for me !
I practice for the exibithion yet.
Help, Combat-Berner, I surrender !