Regulations for dog owners

In the last years the dog-keeping in Germany has become more and more complicated by official laws.

In some federal states of Germany kinds of dog races and mongrels are discriminated. Due to their race belonging few dog races were categorised into a dangerous combat dog class by the government.

As a result from those misinterpretation the dogs has to be muzzled, owners must pay higher dog licence fee, compulsion to use dog leashes continuously, examinations for several dogs and verifications for normal dog owners.

Meanwhile some of these regulations were quashed through courts as illegal, provided that they are based on populist race lists. Further proceedings and legal actions are still in progress, so that it results again and again in changes in the legal situation.

Therefore please obtain the necessary information, regarding the current legal situation in your district before purchasing a dog.

About the Bullterrier you can receive current information from your state Ministry of the Interior or your responsible regulatory agency. At the webpage GESELLSCHAFT DER BULLTERRIERFREUNDE you can find also current information around the Bullterrier and the Miniature Bullterrier.



















It is also mentioned, to think about liability insurance for your dog and onto the necessary consent of your landlord to the planned dog purchase.