Deafness of Bullterrier's

Dear visitors
I would like to introduce myself

My name is Eyecatching Nancy von der Sturmhöhe and on the photo I am placed between my two brothers. You can't recognize it yet, but I have got a handicap, however I'm completely deaf.

Unfortunately, hereditary deafness may happen in many dog-races sometimes. especially among white colored animals, although this disease is very seldom.

The following photos should give an overview about my life, in order to show you that
even a disabled dog can have a nice"dog-life" in a fine family.

During my first year I lived in the house of my breeders Klaus and Gabi, amongst Querido, Cathy, Chiara und Bodger, my fellow comrades.

I have learned from them how to behave in a dog-pack socially.

Furthermore I was also well trained by the lessons of the puppy-class, the subordinate-training as well as the intensified city-training rounds.
Finally I passed the exam successfully in July 2007.


After I have passed the exam, I was adopted by Werner und Gina Slotboom.

In the encosed photos beneath, you can find me together with
Werner & Gina's children, Estelle and Luce, my friends.

"now it comes" !

Brian, my first love !

Brian guides me and together with him we can manage "everything".
He helpes me to cope my illness. He take care of me and supports
me not to loose the connection to the healthy ones.


















... is the table still not dished yet?

....close my eyes and no one
can find me !

I'm a quite tough and clever girl, just close my eyes and wifie cannot grumble with me.

























































































































































Dear dog-owners

as you have seen already, an disease is not a severe problem at all. A handicapped dog can manage the life as a healthy dog do, provided a loyal dog-partner stay with the handicapped one.


Your Nancy