Miniature Bullterrier
one-year-old male-dog for families to sale









Miniature Bullterrier male-dog, not castrated, Anarion von der Sturmh÷he, day of birth 13.06.2004, parents > mother Good Fellas Chiara, father Schardale Master Gimli.

Anarion is looking for kind people who have some experience with Bullies and could laugh about such a dog-clown. The new owners should have enough time for Anarion and know, how to please it with love, care and delicacy snacks.

Anarion is house-trained, dog-leashed and very friendly to bitches. But unfortunately, Anarion can't stay, because the older male Standard Bullterrier Querido doesn't accept it as rival in it's territory. Anarion is looking for a new home without other male dogs who could oppress the dog. Anarion like all humans and to play with children which not too young.

Provided that you get to know Anarion, please just call and arrange a visit 0049-(0)7393-91546, Mobile-phone: 0049-(0)177-8232749