The inhabitants from Wuthering Heights







Gabi Meier

I have the luck, that my husband has sympathy for my animal love and that I do not have to work.
So, I can completely dedicate to my hobbies of dogs, cats and reptiles.











Our dogs cohabit with us in the house, as members of the family. In the same way as we, our dogs know to enjoy a sunny garden-day. However, they are also delighted about a longer excursion in the surrounding forests. We appreciate the equable and philanthropic nature of our dogs.



Klaus Meier

In my profession I travel continuously internationally. Therefore I enjoy restful walks with our dogs in my short leisure.

Particularly I appreciate their cheerful temperament and their trusting nature.












This house in the country is the home of our dogs. Here you can't find any kennel-keeping, but all dogs live twogether with us in the house.

Our objective is the breeding of healthy, equable and beautiful Bullis, which their owners will have a lot of joy. The purchase of a young Bulli must occur well thought-out, since nowadays the dog-keeping is complicated by the legislation in Germany more and more. We will give the best start to our pups into a happy dog-life and select their future owners carefully.

Our responsibility for the pubs does not end with their sale, but we also will give advices in case of
dog-education problems.



Querido means, the garden is the best place for playing

A fenced large garden offers the opportunity to our dogs, to play with each other without any leashes and to "stretch the paws tidily".

As a matter of course a large garden is not a replacement for regular strolls, but it gives additional freedom to the dogs.